Build the Foundation Your Business Needs

Three Live Seminars
September 29 - October 1
5:30 - 7:30 PM


Did you know that small business owners spend 17 full days a year worrying about their business outside of work?

The life of a business owner is stressful, and it's only compounded by fighting fires, wondering where all your time has gone, and thinking about where your next sale is coming from.

With the Wardell Business Academy, you'll learn the fundamentals and systems you need so you can spend less time worrying and more time growing your business.

About Mark

Mark Wardell is an entrepreneur and TEDx speaker. He has been working with business owners for over 20 years with Wardell International. He has been published in CEO Magazine, The Globe & Mail and The Financial Post, as well as appeared on BNN's Money Talk broadcast.

About Wardell International

For over 20 years, Wardell International has helped thousands of business owners in over 15 countries, including Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand and England. Armed with extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, retail and service, we’re well-positioned to help you plan, execute and grow.

Day 1: Positioning Your Business

In this session, you'll learn how to find the advantage you have in the market and how to capitalize on it. You'll also be able to pinpoint your target market, attract the right customers and build your company's brand.

We'll cover your:

  • Target Market Profile: identify the demographics and psychographics embodied by your ideal customer
  • Market Position: determine your competition and create your unique selling proposition
  • Core Competency: review your operational mix and your competitive advantage
  • Branding: pull the correct levers in your marketing mix to create your image
  • Marketing Strategy: find the right channels to communicate to your market

Day 2: Creating Processes

In this session, you'll discover the fundamentals of business structure for growth to accelerate and scale. When you can put process into practice into your business, you'll have fewer fires that come your way.

We'll cover your:

  • Organizational Structure: leverage a method of organization that makes sense for your business
  • Cascading Objectives: recognize how every level of your business can contribute
  • Key Performance Indicators: outline how your business monitors performance
  • Position Outlines: define the responsibility and accountability necessary for success
  • Systemization: determine and communicate the workflows most critical to your business

Day 3: Building Your Team

See how to attract, build and manage your A-Team and ensure everyone moves in the same direction. Build a top-tier team that helps your business grow.

We'll cover your:

  • Recruiting, Hiring and Orientation: establish how to bring new team members on, from finding candidates to Day One
  • Training: learn how to develop skills to improve your business' operations
  • Corporate Culture: recognize influences on your business and their potential impacts
  • Leadership, Management and Coaching: identify coaching opportunities to drive leadership throughout your team
  • Compensation: define how to provide for your team appropriately

Don't Just Take Our Word For It....

“Wardell has provided invaluable, practical guidance and tools to help become a leader in steel design and fabrication services. We’re big fans.”

- Paul Hiebert, Mainland Machinery

The Wardell team has helped me strategically grow my business into the largest and most successful print shop in the Fraser Valley. We love Wardell!”

- Ken Giesbrecht, Globe Printers

"With their business expertise, systems and tools, Wardell has helped us successfully expand to over 30 locations."

- Kin Wah Leung, Kin's Farm Market

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In the ever-changing world of business, it's important to stay up to date on your own skills, knowledge and competencies so you can become a better business leader.

Learn with your peers in our Wardell Mastermind program! Go deeper into key business areas like team building, positioning, budgeting and sales with other small business owners. Facilitated by a Wardell Certfied Advisor, a Mastermind group is the next step in your educational journey.

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